Awaken the Dreamers- The importance of Scheduling

Do you have anything in your heart you’ve carried over the years? A deep burning desire within to accomplish something? If you don’t then i’d like to encourage you to begin to think outside the box.

If you were me then you would want to learn to play a guitar skillfully? You may want to speak a second language fluently? You may want to be a person that walks in deep intimacy with Jesus? You may also want to be walk in excellence in your career?

I can go on and on with several dreams and goals that i’m currently pregnant with. I’ve felt drawn into a season of fresh awakening of hope and dreams, and i feel like many of you may be feeling the same. Don’t abort that baby! Sometimes you just need to let go of regrets and disappointments. It can be difficult to dream again after going through disappointment. Move beyond the fear of failure.

Lastly, very practical advice- if you have a dream or desires to achieve certain goals you must have an action plan! This is where most destinies are lost. This is probably why many people start the year with new year resolutions but never follow through. We want to be people that carry dreams faithfully and diligently.

How do we that? I propose you may need a schedule. It sounds like such an ugly word doesn’t it? But its so simple that many neglect it. You get yourself goals, then you get an action plan for those goals, then you schedule time to actually engage in activities that help you move one step closer into bringing those dreams into reality.

I’d encourage you to begin evaluating how much time you spend daily in your pursuit of your dreams. For example the most important pursuit of my life is intimacy with Jesus that overflows into obedience to His will, and love and servanthood towards others. It is very clear scripturally that it is impossible to do that without living a life of prayer. We only love Him as we grow in our understanding of His love for us. This had led me to commit myself to spending time in long and loving meditation on the Word which includes a focused intellectual study of the Bible. This also includes a devotional study where i bring myself directly to the Man Christ Jesus on the right hand of the Father and talk to Him, in full confidence that His eyes are on me in that moment and He’s attentive to me.

Its sad, but many people would find that they spend very little time pursuing the things that are priority in their lives. Its called the tyranny of the urgent. I’ve found social media(which includes facebook, instagram and so on) to be one of the greatest distractions to living in a focused way. It may be something different for you. We don’t have to live that way, we can live with purpose- Starting with today.

If you want to learn more i have found this worksheet very helpful in action planning/scheduling:


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