What I’ve learnt from the West: A Nigerian Peering Into the Cultures of the World

Throughout the course of the past few days, i have pondered how my personal worldview has been dramatically changed by my experiences whilst studying in the UK. This is my 4th year in the UK, and i have gone through the lows of culture shock, and the highs cultural fascination. I have grown to appreciate the Nigerian culture more, but also grown to be very critical of so many other concepts and ideas i have been accustomed to by being born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. I’ve grown to regret not speaking any Nigerian Language fluently, and grown to question why i believed in the existence of God. Who says it is not ‘modern’ to speak your mother tongue? Do i believe in God because of my family, or fear of rejection from a religious Nigerian society as an atheist?

Although, my worldview may always shift slightly from time to time, i think it’d be exciting to blog about how i see the world now as an international student from Nigeria, studying in multicultural Leicester in the UK. Expect to hear more in the days to come!