The Glories and Beauty of Abandonment

These have been some of the gushings and ponderings of my heart this week. I have so many muslim friends around me, and there’s nothing i appreciate more about them than their devotion, and love for one another.

Personally in my own life, i have set my heart to live differently- Wholeheartedly! February is a new month; January went quickly and i was struck by how broken we are outside of the love of God. This month i’m making very specific decisions concerning lifestyle changes.

I reject slothfulness and laziness in my life that leads to a dull spirit. I can’t live dead on the inside and consumed with worry and anxiety. I must meditate and gaze on the beauty of God like David, and must allow myself to be washed with the water of the Word like Mary of Bethany.

There’s something beautiful about Devotion

There’s something transcendent about a lifestyle of self-denial and obedience.

The fasted lifestyle is a lifestyle of love and abandonment(Matthew 5-7).

This is the beginning and the end of it all: I’m in love with God, and God’s in love with me. I choose to pursue wholehearted obedience no matter the cost. I’m pursuing freedom from the glittering bonds and chains of the spirit of the age.


I am yoked to Jesus.