Christmas Break, Catch up with Followers, 2012

HI EVERYONE! :D. Especially those that have missed me :P. I’m glad i have some time to blog after a long pause away from blogging! I’ve missed sharing what’s been happening in my life with you all and reading all your wonderful posts as well!

Well, to say these past months have been amazing will be such an understatement. God keeps lavishing His love on me and transforms me from glory to glory by His Holy Spirit. Whoa! Just think about all the mindsets He’s had to deal with that i’ve carried for years and years! The bible is true i tell you 🙂 We are transformed by the renewing of our minds! This is more than just thinking a bunch of positive thoughts- It is the Holy Spirit teaching you in all things through His word, and practical life examples! This is what transformation looks like! A mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace! It says so in the book as well you should find out ;).

Anyway, first of all- no more long posts! If you look at my previous posts you will find a lot of doctrinal arguments and debates. Now, i’m just resting and bathing in the Love of my Father which is so much better. His yoke is so light i tell you!

Secondly, no more complicated theology. Jesus didn’t teach complicated theology so why should i? :P. Everything’s back to the basics of the gospel now- Love the Lord your God with all your mind, soul, heart, strength. Love your neighbour as yourself! Don’t get me wrong by the way- we need to be founded on the truth of God’s Word. But Truth is a person not some doctrines with complicated names. Truth is Jesus- He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Only the Holy Spirit can lead us into all truth which is found in a experiential relationship with Christ, the lover of our souls.

Thirdly, priorities have changed now. I’ll simply report to you what’s been happening in my walk with Jesus- which is always so exciting :D. Watch out! This year has been so amazing! At the beginning of this year i wanted to be a doctor, and then sort of middle of it i wanted to be a Pharmacist, now i want to be a missionary! Crazy isn’t it? But that’s what happens when God transforms your thinking and takes you by His Holy Spirit back to His holy book and you learn from what you see in the life of the ones that laid their lives down for the Bridegroom King Jesus.

This is just a summary of a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny bit of what God has carried me into this year. Of course, He has wooed me once again into His presence in the secret place- right beyond the veil that was torn when Christ Jesus died as He looked into my eyes with Love. The veil is torn! We were made and designed by God for His Presence, and for love. When the Holy Spirit reveals this to us, we start to find our true identity as sons and daughters of Abba God. He loves you more than you can ever know i tell you.

You shall hear more from me later on guys!

Take up your cross, Deny Yourself, and Follow your Beloved!!!


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