The Restoration of the Woman

Hi everyone 😀 Finally i’m back and done with my exams!!! That makes me so happy i must confess :P. I hope everyone’s been having a good year! There has been a prophetic word that 2012 is the year of the church shifting to its rightful position and i believe that is going to happen. The true knowledge of God is going to manifested and be plainly seen by the bride of Christ and this will lead gradually to unity in the faith. Think about all the various denominations that have been formed over the years! I have to say its always broken my heart to see the division in the body of Christ. Well, mainly division in the faith, because the Bible says we are united in the Spirit. However, i’m glad because the Lord comforted me when i asked Him once to reveal Himself plainly to His people that there might be unity in the faith. He told me He is releasing a spirit of revelation, wisdom and insight into the deep mysteries of who He is. I believe this with all my heart. And i know that Jesus is continually praying to His Father to bring about the unity(like He did in John 17), that the world might know that the Father sent Him. I can guarantee you that a prayer made by Jesus is an answered prayer ;). Anyway i’m excited about all of this! There is a shift taking place this year. A really big shift!

Okay so i want to discuss one of the issues the church has faced over the years. This is the idea that women should not speak in churches, or should not be permitted to teach. I think its somewhere in the letter Paul wrote to the church at corinth. In some other letters he talks about the head covering for the woman and he also talks about how women must always ask their husbands questions in their homes and not in churches. It talks about how women should not have authority over a man.

I’m not here to give you a detailed theological reasoning behind each of these statements. However, i would like to suggest that the church has misinterpreted these verses wrongly in many ways. I would like to point out that Paul also wrote in another of His letters that women must cover their heads when they pray or prophesy. The main focus in that statement is that he says ‘when they pray or prophesy’. Sorry i’m not quoting the verses to you by the way 😛 (Cause i don’t want this post to be too long). But yes, so then in some letters Paul permits women to pray or prophesy. While in other letters he goes as far as saying ‘Do not speak or teach’. Churches that follow Paul’s writings to the church at corinth these days allow their women to speak but not to teach. However, Paul said, ‘Do not speak and do not teach’. Seems almost like a contradiction as he says in another letter to the church at Ephesus, ‘You can pray and you can prophesy’. The last time i checked you needed to speak to pray and prophesy. Don’t get me wrong by the way. I am not having a go at Paul. I am just having a go at the way these scriptures have been interpreted. The last time i checked too there were women like priscilla in the Bible that taught men and women like Esther(as a queen) and Deborah(as a prophetess) that were in authority; over both men and women. There are many examples i can give but i won’t for the sake of space and time(And yes i know its more complicated than i have tried to explain).

Sorry for taking up your time going off the point i was trying to make lol. But anyway, this has been a major issue for concern at my church. The women feel oppressed by the pastor of the church and they feel ‘worthless’ (exactly the words they used). This is not the message of the cross in my opinion though. I’ve been asking the Father, ‘In all of this, what is your heart for women. What is your opinion and what do you think about this’.  After i prayed this prayer, a few days later the Lord showed me a picture of a woman. This woman had been struggling and she looked very tired and weary. She looked like she had suffered from the pain of childbirth and she looked very very tired and oppressed. After i saw this, i was immediately reminded of how God cursed the woman after the fall in genesis. Once again, He led me to an amazing message titled, ‘The incredible worth of a woman’. The message explained how God seriously took women and even would go as far as not answering a man’s prayer if He didn’t honor a woman. After i saw this, it began to get clearer and clearer that God was answering my prayer. I have to add that before i prayed to God, i had no pre-conceived opinions about women in leadership or how the women were treated. I just wanted to know the heart of the Father.

Once again, i had a dream. And in this dream, the Lord showed me that the woman was going to be fully restored. He showed me that this will happen in stages and that she was going to be restored gradually. He also asked me to pray for this restoration to take place. Finally, the last dream i had was a woman appearing to me and she cried out to me. She was awakening me and she said, ‘Get up and pray!’.

I have to say that i don’t even fully understand what the Lord means by ‘the restoration of the woman’. However, i know this is the Lord speaking to me. And i know he takes it seriously to see his daughters oppressed and going through so many battles. Again, the Lord has led me to another message titled, ‘Powerful Women’. You know; Christ became a curse for us all on that cross. Cursed is the man that is hung on a tree. Why was Christ cursed? To redeem and restore us from the curse from the fall. I believe that includes the curse on the woman. When is the full restoration going to take place? I don’t know. But i do know that it is God’s will to see His daughters restored. Every part of His bride is important to Him. He grieves over the little foxes in the vineyard that spoil our love and fellowship with Him. I know the Lord is grieved for His daughters. His heart is broken with compassion for the women that really do feel ‘worthless’. In light of all of this, i want to release a mandate and a call for the saints to pray for the restoration of the woman back to the divine design. Thanks for taking your time to read this lengthy post 🙂