A Bid from the Great Shepherd to His Precious Sheep

I am waiting for you; Come away with me

Let us have a good time and have a chat; Let Me quiet your soul and calm your storms

I am very close to you. All you need to do is look within you

Let us go into the garden like we used to in the beginning and let us have sweet fellowship together

My sheep listen to my voice and they heed to my call

Forget all your passions and desires. Lay your earthly crowns before me; For i have a better one

Come away from the lion’s Den of temptation and dwell with Me

Its going to be fun, wild, exciting and amazing

Open up your heart and let me in

That the King of glory might come in

For the earth is Mine and the fullness of it. The world and they that dwell in it

This is the generation of those who seek Me

They shall receive a blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of their salvation

Let us conquer the nations together

Let me feed you with My strength and power

Let me clothe you with My garment of Righteousness

Let me satisfy your thirst with my sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness of my presence

Come away with Me



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