I don’t want anything without a revelation!


It just struck me how many christians read the Bible and see it just as a story or a few words. I remember trying to get on with one of those ‘Bible in a year’ plans. At the end of it i just gave up. The Bible actually bored the living daylight out of me to be honest. I was trying to tick the boxes. ‘Oh i’ve read 5 chapters today yay’.. But then i was struggling. Another way i’ve tried to read the Bible in the past as a young immature christian was to open it randomly and read the first thing i saw. It was like a magic trick. I closed my eyes then opened the Bible; the first thing i saw was what God wanted to say to me lol. I remember hearing a joke from Joyce Meyer once. She said she used to do the same thing in the past, and then one day she opened it and it was somewhere in lamentations she read, ‘WOE BE UNTO YOU, YOU WICKED SINNER’. I couldn’t help but laugh to that cause i could relate to it entirely.

For others, the Bible is just to be read on a sunday. For the rest of the week it gets dusty. Don’t make me get you lol. Don’t think you would ever have a glimpse of an idea of who God is if you read the Bible just on sundays, and listen to a sermon from the pastor at your church!

I’m not saying getting ‘read through the Bible in a year’ plans won’t work out for you. It will work out for you, if you have the right motive behind it. If its just an exercise out of compulsion, or out of the fact that you want to make God happy with you, then its a waste of time. God doesn’t need you to read your Bible to be happy with you. You are not doing Him a favor. Reading your Bible just on sundays is definitely not how you can grow in the knowledge of God too. I might as well just add now that if there’s anything in your life that you’re using to replace the time you need to spend with God to know Him more, then there’s a problem. Work God around your schedule not your schedule around God. If anything needs to leave your schedule on a daily basis, it mustn’t be God.

I had tried all these methods in the past so i know how it is. And sometimes people really do want to read the word and get into it. Sometimes they really want to, but they can’t. Its almost like they’re striving.

I believe that strivings should never exist in a good relationship with God. Many times we get caught up trying to do things by ourselves, instead of relying on the power of God. You want to have faith? You don’t need to practice methods or routines; Cry out to God, ‘HELP MY UNBELIEF’. You truly from your heart want to spend time with God? And read His word? Cry out to Him, ‘Lord i need you!’. Prayer must always be the first line of action if we want a good relationship with God. God gives grace(the power of the Holy Spirit), and more grace to the humble. He wants you to realise you can’t do it on your own and you need Him to help you. You cannot kick the Holy Spirit out of your daily businesses. If you do, everything crumbles down. When Jesus left his disciples He gave them the Holy Spirit, to be with them. He is your counselor, helper, intercessor, advocate, stand-by, and strengthener.

We must never read any verse in the Bible without a revelation. No, not even a word. I know about quite a lot in the Bible now, but i don’t know them. The difference between knowing them and knowing about them is the revelation. The revelation from the Spirit of God. The breath of God upon every word you read, imparting a spiritual knowledge to you; revealing the great and mighty mysteries of the Godhead. This was why Paul prayed for the corinthians that they might have a Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Without a revelation the Bible is just words and stories. I have an agnostic friend who has read the entire Bible but still doesn’t believe in God. Without the breath of God, the word is not living to you. The Bible says God has exalted all His word above all His name. Think of all the mighty names of God, His word is respected more by Him than His names. The word of God is Life to your bones, and to your soul. You would know when you have a revelation from the word because you would never remain the same after. It is not about singing ‘Jesus loves me yes i know for the Bible tells me so’. Do you really know He loves you? That type of knowledge comes with revelation. And it was not until i had a revelation on the love of God i could describe the love of God as a mighty flood that fills all your being, and tears you apart. His love is fierce, it shakes you together. It transforms you and moves you into His presence. It leaves you with hunger and thirst for more of Him.

Don’t ever read any part of the Bible without a revelation. Ask God for a revelation and He will give you.

Deuteronomy 4:29 (AMP)- 29 But if from there you will seek (inquire for and require as necessity) the Lord your God, you will find Him if you [truly] seek Him with all your heart [and mind] and soul and life.


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