A Love letter to the Lover of my Soul

Who am i that You delight in my foolish and selfish ways

The Creator of the heavens and the earth delights in the ways of mere dust

You dedicate Your Being to loving Me

Who am i that you dedicate Your Eyes to watching me every second lest i walk into the trap of the enemy

Your anger is stirred up against all my enemies

And out of the breath of Your nostrils, You consume them all

Out of the same breath, You breathe Life into my dust continually

YouΒ never let anything take me away from Your hands

Not life,death,angels or demons

You guard my heart with Your love

And even when You turn your face away and afflict me,

You let the depth of Your love keep me

That i may be refined to Your image by Your fire

In my faithlessness, You are faithful

In my hopelessness, You give me hope

In my weakness, You are strong

In my sadness, You give me joy

You pursue my soul with everything that You are

You bind my wounds by Your tender touch

Powerful protection never felt so gentle

I deserved to die, But in the agony of Your love, You sent Your beloved Son to die in my place

Looking ahead to the joy set before Him, He died for me

You have chosen me in Your mercy to receive Your mercy

Nothing i could do could save myself

My eyes were blinded by Satan from beholding your beauty

But you chose to deliver me in Your mercy; You restored my sight

You gave me Your free gift of salvation by your grace through Faith

Even my Faith and belief in You, You gave to me that i may receive Your grace

In my helpless state, You chose me as Your own and made me a citizen of the commonwealth of heaven

You made me an alien in the earth

I long to behold the beauty of Your Holiness

I long to worship at Your feet for all eternity.


16 thoughts on “A Love letter to the Lover of my Soul”

      1. Btw I should introduce you to this amazing preacher ‘Paul Washer’, listen to his podcast on iTunes!! Most especially ‘blessed justification’… U can thank me later :p

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