Kreativ Blogger Award

I would really love to thank Anne Sikes for nominating me for this award! I cannot begin to express my gratitude in words as i’ve only started blogging recently, hence i wasn’t expecting an award! My greatest desire and motive behind every post i make is that God uses this blog to infuse a desire and thirst for Him that leads people into fellowship with Him. I would also like to recommend Anne’s blog which has been such a blessing to me. She writes very beautiful poems and stories that speak volumes about a lot. Her blog is here:

This Award was Created by Hulda from Norway and is a gift to encourage us and so we can also have the opportunity to encourage others.

To receive this Award we have to link, if possible, the person who nominated us and thank them, then nominate 7 other Bloggers with their Links who we feel we would like to uplift, inspire, and encourage and then let them know but there is no pressure do so when you feel the time is right.
Finally we are to write 7 things about ourselves that most of our Blogging friends don’t know, then post the Award and attach the Kreativ Blogger Award emblem to our Blog.

All the blogs i follow have been such a blessing and inspiration to me so its quite hard to pick out 7. More recently, these 7 blogs have had quite a lot of interesting posts and have had a lot of impact on my blogging style and life in general: – I remember the first day i read her blog. I still remember the title of the post and everything about that post. That’s what Naphtali’s blog does to you! It leaves you with memories! 😀 – This blog is amazing! When you’re avoiding reading long posts like mine and you need to just look at a few Bible verses and a simple but powerful blog, run to this blog! 😀– I love the photos on this blog especially! And the very catchy titles! Very creative and inspiring! 😀– I actually think this is one of the most educating and insightful blog around wordpress! I’m glad there are people like this still around to give information about how what’s going on in the world is relevant to christianity! 😀– If you’re looking for blogs that post daily, this is the blog! Its not just amazing because of the consistency in blog updates, but the great content! God bless the owners of this blog! 😀– ‘A picture paints a thousand words’. This is one of the blogs i admire for its photographs! Makes me wish i had a camera 😦– There’s something about this blog i can’t seem to place a finger on! It is sort of what i had in mind when i decided to start blogging. Its got some news on wrestling too!(Which i always loved watching 😉 )

I’ll tell you seven things about my blog/me you never knew :). Mainly about my blog though 😛
  1. I never planned for this blog to take the structure it has taken now. I wanted to write on a mixture of articles on entertainment,music,religion and culture. But somehow, i’ve most recently shared my thoughts on what i think of Nigeria and tried to share what God’s been teaching me 🙂
  2. I pray after every post i write and ask God to use it as He pleases 😀
  3. I found this post really difficult to make 😦
  4. I find it annoying when christians who are lukewarm call me a ‘pastor’ when i’m not. I believe that every christian should have an understanding of the Bible, and should have an intimate relationship with Christ. I’m just being a normal christian; I’m not a pastor! Lol 😛
  5. I love music! I sing and i love dancing too(except i can’t dance lol). I like writing lyrics to songs. Recently, i’ve written some christian worship songs lyrics(they don’t have a tune yet). God has asked me  to ask Him to put a new song in my mouth and to open my lips to declare His praise, and i’ve been asking Him. Hopefully, He’ll answer soon 😀
  6. I love funny people! I like being around people that make me laugh and i just can’t stand a heavy spirit. You know one of those yucky feelings inside you, when you feel you haven’t done something to the best of your ability? I hate those ones!!!
  7. I used to be scared of cats all my life when i was still in Nigeria. I could never live with them or stay in the same place they were. You don’t want to know why i was scared lol. But now, i live with 2 cats in London 😉

4 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award”

  1. wow! I am so humbled by your kind words! Thank you for thinking of me and for this award….Like you, when I first started seriously blogging last fall I had no idea what I would write about…but God…..

      1. I am curious? What blog of mine did you read first? My only goal is to promote Jesus through humor, love and real life circumstances. God has placed this on my heart because so many people don’t laugh anymore. We are diluted and overwhelmed with pain and agony. If what God inspires me to write, helps one person get closer to him, it will all be worth it. And you my dear friend have a real future in the Lord. I hope you know that? What are you planning to do with your life?

      2. It was the one on how you met someone somewhere you went to and you really wanted to speak to them about Christ, but you sensed in your spirit that it wasn’t the right time to speak 🙂 (I think it was a PC shop or something).

        Yes! I love the way you present your ideas in your blog! I like people that present the gospel with humor! (that’s one of the reasons I love Joyce Meyer).

        Aww thanks! Yes God’s given me a vision so far to be involved worship ministry and I’ve got a word of knowledge from quite a number of people that God wants to give me songs for His people and anoint them 🙂 I also have a strong passion to bring about a revival in Nigeria. I don’t know if you know about the churches there but most of them have totally wrong misconceptions of christianity. I believe with all my heart that a revival in the church there is what is needed to get rid of all the darkness that has taken over.. So it is mission: Overcome Evil with Good 😀 Its such a battle cause I notice that when I go there sometimes I get infected by the darkness when I get too passive about things- But God’s given me a battle strategy from 2 Peter 1:4-8 so I’m excited 😀

        However, I’ll be studying pharmacy as well so I’ll practice it for a bit.. But I believe Jesus should be the centre of my life so even if I practice pharmacy I will still make sure I reach out and touch lives through it. Christians need to shine their lights in the world instead of hiding their lights and allowing the darkness to infect them!

        You’ve been quite encouraging! God Bless you! 🙂

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