True Spiritual Warfare 1

I’ve had to learn how to battle with the devil lately because of one of my friends. I’ve only come to discover that many of the things i used to see as spiritual warfare in the past was just totally ridiculous. Ephesians 6 is a Bible chapter we love to talk about a lot and many christians know about the full armor of God but they never know how to use it practically in their lives. Hence, i’ll try and outline what i’ve learnt recently about spiritual warfare, my experiences, and i’ll try and make it as practical as possible so people could relate to it.

First of all, i did spiritual warfare very wrongly in the past, mainly because i think i was taught very wrongly when i was still in Nigeria. Spiritual warfare for me was screaming at the top of my voice when i prayed and rebuking the devil till i could not breathe. For me, it was shouting at God, because i thought if i did he was going to hear me more clearly. For me, it was praying about things like ‘Premature Death’ or rebuking every generational curse for 3 hours repeatedly and scattering the enemy’s camp and commanding the fire of the holy ghost to burn them. There was a lot more i can’t even start listing. These things may sound quite weird to people who have never heard about them and that’s understandable; or you may be able to relate to them because you did them at some point. And the funny thing about the ‘old’ me was i never looked these things up for myself in the Bible. It was just about praying prayer points the pastor rose up. And after that we had just warred against the Devil and the forces of darkness. But to be honest with you, i still had problems in my life after those prayers. I didn’t have any victory whatsoever over the Devil. And when i talk about victory i’m not referring to me not having bad dreams or anything ‘spiritual’. I’m talking about me continually being tempted by the devil to sin and doing it without even realising. I’m talking about me being accused by the devil after i sinned, then living in guilt for 2 weeks. Me never realising when that where there was strife, there was the darkness. Where there was confusion, there was darkness. Where there was bitterness, fear, anger, anxiety, unforgiveness, pride… there was darkness.

Now that i’m out of Nigeria, i’m only realising how much darkness had encompassed the entire country. Many people in the uk find it hard to believe in any stuff about witchcraft or spiritual forces (which is understandable). But i can tell you for a fact that these things exist. I believe the way they are dealt with in Nigeria is not however the right way. For example, (not trying to write a new doctrine or anything) in Nigeria, you found out that many Christians had demons in them. I am very reluctant to talk about this topic because of the controversy surrounding it but i have to say from my experience of deliverance that demons actually lived in people that professed to be Christians. Please note that i’m not writing any doctrines or adding any books to the bible when i say this; but i’m speaking out of experience. I haven’t studied enough what the Bible says about this but i think for me its hard to understand how people who have the Spirit of God living in them can still be possessed with demons. But my point is, when i experienced these deliverance services, after people had the demons cast out of them the demons usually came back after they were cast out. Now that i know what i know, i’m wondering why that would happen. And one of the possible explanations is the door was still open for the demons to get back in?

Anyway i’ll get back to the main point cause i think the subject of deliverance is a bit too touchy to talk about.

I believe true spiritual warfare involves more than shouting at the top of your voice at the devil. I believe it involves more than praying and fasting for a month. I believe people ignore a lot of things that happen in their lives and they don’t even recognise the works of the devil are beyond something ‘spiritual’.

Satan wants to steal everything God has given you, kill you and destroy you. But rejoice! Because Jesus has come that we may have life and enjoy our lives! And in Christ, we have victory over all the powers of darkness.

From what i’ve learnt practically in my life, it is essential to pray if we pray the right way. Prayer according to God’s will is powerful! Praying for 6 hours rebuking the devil may not change anything in your life. But let me tell you what will: Putting on the whole complete armor of God will help you defeat the devil.

Wear your shoes of peace!! I prayed to God in the past about getting to meet people that will not make me angry or make me sad. But the more i ran away from them, the more they came. The more they came, the more i got angry, and sad, leading to worry and anxiety, then leading to me not being bothered about anything going on in my life. I think that’s part of what happens for some people when they commit suicide. I never wore my shoes of peace. And God wanted me to wear them. I believe if God didn’t want me to wear them he would have removed all the people in my life the devil used to get me angry. But he didn’t. Being peaceful, is not permitting your mind to get worried, or not letting someone swearing at you or betraying you get to you. The next time someone insults you for no reason, realise God has let the Devil use that person to try and take away your peace. For God it is a test to bring you to a higher level. For the Devil, he just wants to make sure you’re worried and sad, making it more favorable for him to tempt you to do stupid things. When you decide to be peaceful, you grow spiritually. When you get worried, or shout back at the person or become sad then you open more doors for the devil to get into your life.

This is quite a long topic so i’ll continue in the next post! 😀

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