My Recent Weird Change in Music Taste

I was just thinking now and it just occurred to me how my taste for music has changed and changed over time. By the way, i’ve always loved music. I think i almost got too obssessed in secondary school. I would learn every new song and get all the lyrics. It always puzzled me how fast i remembered these lyrics but then when it came to exams how hard it is to get things in your end. And i’m sure its common experience for other students that they’d remember music lyrics more than they’d remember what they study lol.

But anyway, firstly, my first taste of music that i can remember now is learning songs from church and songs from either tv commercials or programmes. I sang all the praise and worship songs as a child, and sang songs from tv shows in Nigeria like ‘Papa Ajasco’ or ‘This Life’. My first exposure to christian music would definitely have been at church.Then i got influenced by listening(not on purpose but just in the background of what i was doing) to music played on tv. Music from popular old popular music artistes like ‘Daddy showkey’. The music i heard as a child in Nigeria still ring in my ears up till now. Then i got to start listening to the more modern nigerian ‘afrobeats’ music artistes like ‘2face’ and ‘Plantashion Boyz’ which was more of music with good beats and instrumentals. To be honest, presently, i don’t enjoy nigerian music as much as before because they never have any sensible lyrics in them. However, they do have very good beats and instrumentals you could dance to all day and i still listen to them when i’m in the mood to dance.

Obviously from the pressures of being in secondary school, i had to sort out my music knowledge out. I had to listen to beyonce, rihanna, jay-z, lil wayne and the rest of the more modern hip-hop, rap and r&b artistes. Somewhere along the line, i started to gain interest in singing. Although, i got many criticisms from my mates in secondary school about my voice as many people had the opinion i couldn’t sing lol. When i started singing, i started listening to more songs with more ‘vocal’ content. That meant i had to listen to people like mariah carey, whitney houston, usher, kelly clarkson, r.kelly and all the rest of them. And of course i had to have an idea of what happened in the rap scene so i don’t look stupid in school :P. So i still had an idea of what was going on in the hip-hop/rap scene. I remember my mum buying a ‘women of faith’ worship cd that i listened to continuously when i was about 12. I loved the songs on there, although i never paid attention to the lyrics. It was more about me improving my vocal skills. Then my aunt came living with my family and she introduced me into gospel music. She seemed to know all the american gospel music artistes like, Kirk franklin, yolanda adams, juanita adams, fred hammond, marvin sapp, cece winans and the rest of them. That stage of my life of me listening to gospel music artistes have really added to my personal singing style and music taste at the moment. They(the gospel artistes) could do all the runs and riffs and hit all the high notes. I also learnt songs from my aunt and usually suggested it when i went back to school to be sang in the school choir. I still love the american gospel artists till now because i think they sing with so much passion, and the message is passed across very clearly. I must however add that i have come to the stage of my life that i listen to the lyrics of some of the gospel songs carefully, and sometimes i find out they don’t really give a message i agree with personally. I also fell in love with a nigerian musician called ‘Asa’ because of the uniqueness in her voice and the message in her music about Nigeria as a nation. That’s basically the summary of my music taste in secondary school.

As soon as i travelled to the UK for my a-levels, i noticed many differences in the music taste. I got exposed to music genres like ‘Heavy Metal’ which i think its a bit more like noise than music lol. British music was all over the radio stations and i was always listening to the music radio stations like ‘Capital FM’. I heard the well famous Adele for the first time with her song ‘Make you feel my love’. I must say she reminded me of Asa because her voice wasn’t like all the others u heard everyday. It was very distinct and unique. Then i started listening to more british music artistes like Olly Murs, N-dubz, Ed sheeran and Take That. I must confess i found it a bit boring at first, but later on i started taking interest in it because although they may not have had all the runs and riffs, they had an element of meaning to them. They were written with care and didn’t contain lyrics that didn’t make sense. And finally, now, i’m stuck with contemporary christian music(usually worship songs).

The first time i had a real experience of what contemporary christian music (like that of chris tomlin or matt redman) was like was when i went to Hillsong Church in Tottenham Court Road in central London. Israel Houghton came from Houston, Texas to worship with them and it was such a blessing. After i left the service, the songs kept ringing in my head and immediately i got home i went on spotify to listen to them. The second time i had the experience of singing worship songs from contemporary christian artists was when i went to stay for the weekend with a friend in Kent. I had never seen worship like that in my life and i could literally feel the presence of God right in front of me in the service. They sang ‘Overcome’ by Jeremy Camp and repeated one of the lines that went- ‘We will overcome, by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony’. I was actually thinking through those words for one of the first times in my life. In secondary school i had sang many hymns without even any knowledge of what i was talking about. But now i was thinking through those words. And it was just the most amazing experience, as you could see the zeal to worship God from the hearts of everyone around you. When i went home i played the song on spotify again. And since then, i’ve listened more to contemporary christian artistes like Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United, Christy Nockels and the rest of them.

I still love most of the music i have listened to in my life, but i just thought it would be interesting to share how i changed my music styles and tastes lol. As far as you’re not singing something like ‘I’m going to marry to night’ or something like that then you’re fine lol. That actually occurred to me once. I had listened to a song, and when i was walking home i found myself singing ‘i’m going to marry the night’ and then i could hear God say ‘You’re going to marry what?’ and i said ‘The nigh-‘ lol. The point is we just have to be careful what we sing sometimes. I hope you enjoyed the summary of the long list of how the content of my ipod has changed over the years. I could write a book on this; this is just a short summary of how it has changed :P. God Bless 😀

7 thoughts on “My Recent Weird Change in Music Taste”

  1. hey, I’m a new blogger in wordpress, nd I stumbled on this blog after series of search for reasonable bloggers, very good articles….Well, my main point is this as been a pressing issue for me lately, my sister who studies in kent nd has unbreakable love for Jeremy camp, jimmy nidham, josh Groban, news boys, mark shultz, etc has tried to make me understand d depth of these songs but its not bin easy, i always fall back and after I read this blog, I went back and the old worship spirit in me was rekindled, well I have to ask this question, when u changed the songs u listened to did u delete the old ones nd if u did, was there any temptation to bring them back? and did u?
    ps. I was your junior in high school. 🙂

    1. Aww hannatu! I’m surprised my blog is noticeable.. Thank God it is haha 😀 I’m glad the old worship spirit in you was rekindled! About ur questions, i still have the old songs i used to listen to on my laptop and my phone but i find it hard to listen to them.. So on the contrary, they are there, but i actually struggle to listen to them.. I think this is because i’ve fallen in love with the lyrics in the songs i listen to now that even if i want to listen to the songs i used to listen to i have to force myself to do that.. Of course i don’t believe that it is wrong to listen to secular music(as far as its nothing with swearing and all that crap) but i think when you really start listening to the contemporary christian music after sometime u fall in love with it so much u struggle to listen to other things.. I think my advice would be that when you listen to them, pick out certain parts in them and you can find out what the Bible says about them.. That way, you’ll be so touched and sometimes God can speak to you through them(i know this cause its happened to me). This was a bit long but i hope it helped! i followed your blog by the way.. God Bless! 😀

  2. We have similar music taste yayy!! Lol…I agree with you, once you really start listening to Christian songs, some songs just becomes impossible for you to listen to 🙂
    Btw you should come for big church day out!! You’d love it!

  3. Lol! Wow i just checked the website and it sounds like something i would definitely want to be at!!! I probably would come for one day though but still i know it’d be fun! I think i’ll buy my ticket this week!! 😀

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