Give Preachers a Break!!! Don’t make yourself ‘An Accuser Of the Brethren’.

I feel the need to write this post today because i’ve just seen something i find quite offensive. As usual, i was looking through the internet for joyce meyer’s childhood sexual abuse story(video) because one of my friends needed to watch it.

I think at this point it is necessary for me to enlighten you on how i actually started listening to Joyce Meyer. While i was still in secondary school, during the holidays, i would come home and my mum loved watching TBN a lot. As you would expect, i always complained and moaned about it because at that point everything in christianity was boring to me. One of my mum’s favorite shows on TBN was joyce meyer ministries’ ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ show. My mum was always watching her, and she would always say how much she was blessed by Joyce Meyer’s sermons. And i always complained because i always wanted to watch something else. Now i need you to get this. I somehow found myself saying to my mum several times, “Joyce Meyer is a prosperity preacher and all she does is preach on finances”… and till now i have no idea or clue on what made me say that. No one from my school knew Joyce meyer, no one around me knew her apart from my mum. And i never listened to her sermons. So who was the source of information that she was a ‘prosperity teacher’.

After about 2 years since i’ve started listening to Joyce Meyer, God has revealed to me that the source of that lie and information was THE DEVIL HIMSELF. I remember the first day i started listening to her messages. She was talking on the mind and how important your thinking had to be. And she spoke about how she was sexually abused by her father as a child. That didn’t sound like preaching prosperity to me. I’ve only come to realise now that if i never listened to Joyce Meyer, i would never be as close to God as i am now. The Devil had that knowledge, so he lied to me… and i believed him. He didn’t want me to have that relationship with God that God would have wanted me to have.

But time passed and passed and passed. And you know, her messages have totally transformed my life. I didn’t know i could ever think right or control my feelings and emotions. I had no idea that the Devil sends thoughts in my mind to be converted into feelings like fear,doubt and guilt. And most of all, i didn’t know that i could really come to practice God’s word in my life, and that my life would never change if i didn’t have that personal time with God. God has used her to literally change my life, and bring me into a relationship with Him.

Then after sometime, i got really interested and i noticed she had a sermon for everyday on her website. I googled her name and the Devil showed me more and more ūüėē I saw all the nonsense about her being a ‘prosperity preacher’ and about her being a ‘word of faith preacher’ and ‘false prophet’. And all the judgemental comments from ignorant christians about her being false because she owned a private jet and a big house. And yeah they said she had a facelift so therefore she was a false prophet.The Devil was bringing more and more to keep me away from listening to her messages. Some people might interprete that as God trying to take me away from listening to her but i can tell you for a fact that if i was distracted by all those lies and didn’t have a look for myself by watching her show everyday, i would never have the relationship with God that i have now.This is why is very important to distinguish between the¬†voice of God and that of the Devil; the devil can come¬†in such very clever ways sometimes. Acts 16:17-18 says:

17She kept following Paul and [the rest of] us, shouting loudly, These men are the servants of the Most High God! They announce to you the way of salvation!

18And she did this for many days. Then Paul, being sorely annoyed and worn out, turned and said to the spirit within her, I charge you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her! And it came out that very moment.

In those verses there was a slave girl who was possessed with a python spirit that exclaimed through her(talking about Paul and some other apostles) saying “These men are the servants of the Most High God! They announce the way of salvation”. Now you may have thought the spirit was the spirit of God speaking through her. But the people in the area(where Paul was preaching) were Gentiles(Not people from Israel who would have understood what it meant). The Gentiles would have understood the ‘Most High God’ as Zeus, and therefore the spirit was using her to be a hindrance to the spreading of the gospel in the area so Paul had to cast it out of her when it became unbearable for him. We have to be very careful and sensitive to recognise the voice of God, and of the devil(which is always the easier one for everyone to hear most times).

Oh and yes the devil also led me to some information with people saying “a woman is not allowed to teach the Bible”(By the way, the point here is not what is right or wrong, but the fact that if God tells someone to do something then you can’t bring them under judgement for doing it)- For example God may command me not to drink alcohol at all but¬†permit someone else to drink it. If i drink it, it is sin to me, even though it may not be sin to someone else(See Romans 14). The Devil has tried many other things to distract me away from God including trying to convince me and make me believe that the Amplified Bible is a ‘wrong’ version. He would even use the Word of God against you to lie to you.

But you know everytime i just look back at the wrong¬†information i had from people then, i just can’t stop being so so grateful to God for being by my side and letting me know what to do. I think Christians should be very very mindful of the kind of things and claims they make about people working for God because, whatever words you say, or whatever things you claim, might just be the Devil using you to distract someone else from God. Sometimes it might be God trying to use you to draw someone towards him (and away from a false prophet leading people to Satan), and that is why i think it is very important to always pray and hear from God before making any false claims.

The Devil wants to use your mouth to draw someone to him as much as God wants to use your mouth to draw someone to Him. If you are the christian that always searches around for false doctrines and preachers; GET OVER IT PLEASE. Even when we hear from God about a preacher we have to ask Him again how he wants us to use that information about the preacher. He might ask you to speak out against the preacher, or not to say anything at all, or to speak to the preacher privately in love, or just pray for the preacher.

I believe with all my heart that any person that you may consider as a false prophet, does not really want to be a false prophet in their hearts. They may be ignorant and God can still turn things around. I don’t believe that any Bible¬†teacher that does anything considered to be ‘false’ really knows in their heart that what they are doing is false. And God looks at the hearts of people. God would rather have a preacher whose heart is clean than one with a bad heart, but with good outward ‘behavior’.

Many christians like to be the ‘watchmen’ looking out for the ‘false preachers’ that they get so involved in that full time job they’re blinded by their ignorance and pick out the innocent people.¬†I don’t think it is our jobs to be constantly picking on people called by God. I’m actually surprised Joyce Meyer gave an answer to all the questions brought to her by people asking why she got a facelift, or why she has a jet or why she teaches if she’s a woman. To be frank and honest she doesn’t owe anyone any explanation for what she did but God alone. Its almost as if she’s being forced to give an account before men for what she does in her Life. And we both know that the only person we will(and should) be giving an account to of what decisions we make in our lives and our use of our¬†gifts is God. He is the one we’ll stand before on judgement day to give an account of our lives.

IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW: THE DEVIL IS THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN. AND IF YOU ARE CONSTANTLY ACCUSING ANY CHRISTIANS OR ANY PEOPLE CALLED BY GOD INTO MINISTRY YOU MAKE YOURSELF OUT TO BE OF THE DEVIL.- I think this is a key point because when i started writing this post i never intended to add this. As i was looking through the post¬†again,¬†i heard God remind me that its the Devil’s job to accuse christians.

I’ll end with a verse i really like because i think it touches nearly everything. If you don’t learn to be balanced to know if someone is from God or not, then the Devil will use u to lead people away from Christ: 1 Peter 5:8 says:

Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger], seeking someone to seize upon and devour

3 thoughts on “Give Preachers a Break!!! Don’t make yourself ‘An Accuser Of the Brethren’.”

  1. Soo I sightful! I heard of pastor oyedepo hitting a girl recently and I was talkin to a friend about it . I was so disappointed and judged him . Thank you so much for these page of wisdom…I will love to hear your take on this story though.

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