Countdown to Easter- Easter Series (PART 1)

Easter is next week and everyone’s probably looking forward to it for various reasons. Your reason, just like me, might just be because you can’t wait to go on easter break. For some people it might be easter eggs :?. Whatever it might be there are many people waiting expectantly for easter and i’m definitely one of them. I have had a couple of experiences in the last month and i feel like God has been preparing me for the best easter of my life and i can’t wait to just share part of what i’ve learnt over the past 4 weeks.

Whatever your reason for celebrating easter might be, the main reason for easter is to celebrate and to remind ourselves of what Christ did on the cross. And this might not be the way is seen by atheists or people from other religions apart from christianity but that period of time set apart in this time of the year called easter definitely has that primary reason(Celebrating Christ’s work on the cross). I have had a couple of experiences myself. I have been going for a lent course for the past 4 weeks at St. Peter’s Church of England just nearby my house. This was a decision made by my church(which is Ham Christian Centre-which is evangelical), and many protestant/evangelical christians might just be very surprised that our church would do that as there are many differences in the doctrines and style of worship between a modern day evangelical church and a church of england(which has similar practices/doctrines to the catholic church). But God spoke specifically to our church and He wanted us to do that so we obeyed him and it has been such an amazing experience. I personally have had a personal conviction from the Holy Spirit not to include myself under any denomination. I was brought up pentecostal and all that but i read this verse in the Bible and it spoke to me strongly:

John 17:20-21(AMP) says: Neither for these alone do I pray [it is not for their sake only that I make this request], but also for all those who will ever come to believe in (trust in, cling to, rely on) Me through their word and teaching, 21That they all may be one, [just] as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, so that the world may believe and be convinced that You have sent Me.

It just struck me so deeply in my heart that what Jesus wanted from the bottom of his heart was unity in the church and today there is so much disunity in the church because of sometimes, very minor issues such as baptism.Those were one of Jesus’s last prayers to God before he was crucified so you can imagine how important he thought it was. I don’t believe that Jesus sees the church apart from one another. I believe he sees the church as a whole. As his bride, his body. And when you come under a denomination, it kind of says ‘We’re better than the other denomination and they’re the wrong ones’. But yes that’s my personal revelation from God and i don’t condemn anyone for being part of any denomination. I stiill hold on to all my pentecostal beliefs as the whole because most of them are biblically correct but if u asked me what kind of a christian i was i would say ‘I am just a Christian’. Let’s focus on our what we have in common. Okay back to the main point, i loved being part of the Lent course because there were very inter-denominational and you had people from the church of England, the catholic church and lutherans. So it was interesting to hear from other people’s point of view and it was just so amazing because it reminded me of how much power the church would have only if they just remained as one. I saw a quote on a website: “One Church=Won World” and i think it is very profound. I continue to hold on to the promise of Jesus that he will build his church and the gates of Hades will not prevail though :D.

I’ve learnt quite a lot these past few weeks and i thought it would be unfair if i didn’t share what i’ve learnt on from the Bible on the death and resurrection of Christ. I will touching writing posts on the following:

1. The significance of the death of Christ to Man

2. The significance of Jesus staying in the tomb for 3 days

3. The Spiritual transformation in Christians(Past,present and future) the moment Christ died on the Cross

4.  The Significance of the Death of Christ to old testament prophets and Jews

5. (Which is the one i find most amazing) The significance of the Death and Resurrection of Christ to the Trees of Life and the Knowledge of good and Evil found in the garden of Eden.

6. Who and what Believers are in Christ due to the death of Jesus

N.B: This is heavy heavy theology lol and you may not get it at once. If you don’t study, study, study and study and meditate and meditate and ask the Holy Spirit for a personal revelation you might understand it in your head but you won’t understand it in your heart. God is a Spirit and everyone who worships him must worship him in Spirit.

I believe when the Bible asks us to worship God in spirit, it is not just limited to praise and worship songs in church.Worship is involving God in every part of your life including something as small as ‘What should i have for dinner’. God speaks, communicates and passes information to us from his Spirit to ours. He lives in our Spirits and he is a Spirit and so we must always be sensitive to the voice of his Spirit withing us. I like to call this ‘Spirit Conduction’ because it is like he communicates a knowledge to your spirit through his Spirit and then its almost like ‘Oh yeah i get it now’. For example, how do you know God exists when you have never seen him? You just know in your Spirit and you don’t even know how you know. And that is what a revelation is. No one says ‘Jesus is the Son of God’ except by the Spirit of God. Anyway i divert a lot into other topics but my point is study, meditate, if possible get resources like dvd’s and cd’s, and pray to God for a personal revelation. See you all in my next post and God Bless! 😀


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