Proverbs 6:6-11 says: Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways and be wise!–Which, having no chief, overseer, or ruler,provides her food in the summer and gathers her supplies in the harvest.
How long will you sleep, O sluggard? When will you arise out of your sleep?Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to lie down and sleep.So will your poverty come like a robber or one who travels [with slowly but surely approaching steps] and your want like an armed man [making you helpless].(AMPLIFIED VERSION)

You may think you’re doing enough or you’re doing too little, but to be honest, everyone comes to that point in their lives they feel the need to buckle up. I’ve always believed that the problem with the world today was immediate gratification. We look at life using the eyes of ‘now, now and now’. We have a blinded perspective and always fail to examine the connsequences of our actions in the long-term. There are many foolish things people do today that really show lack of understanding or insight into long term results and one of the vices people get caught up in these days in laziness.
We all have dreams. You may say you don’t have a dream but the truth of the matter is if you’re living it is inevitable to have a dream or something you’re wishing for. The reason you’re choosing to exist and not to take your life is you’re wishing for something to happen the next day or the day after the next or in cases of long-term ambitions, 5-10 years.
Why won’t you decide today to stop wishing and start doing something. The excuse for most people usually goes between these lines; “I don’t have the resources to start now”, “Its just too hard” and sometimes you here the most foolish statement(which i’m guilty of saying), “I just can’t be bothered”.

Ants are the smallest things you might ever think of if you were asked to think about an insect. I suppose you know they’re invertebrates and have no backbone. Ants have brains; and their brains are about a quarter the size of their entire bodies. Human beings have brains too. Yes and BIGGER brains than ants. They have a medulla oblongata,hypothalamus and all that stuff in their brains. However, you’d expect some human beings to be wiser than ants but many human beings are not. As tiny and insignificant as an ant may be, it is definitely a wise animal. It gathers its food when there is plenty and prepares in advance for when there won’t be a harvest. And it does this without an overseer or anyone telling it to. Its so shameful and disgraceful that human beings have to be told to use their brains to acheive what is essential for them to acheive. There are stages in laziness:
1. People that don’t know they have to work and don’t work
2. People that know they have to work and don’t still work
3.People that are always wishing they had someone to help them or they had more resources to start something
4.People that need people to push them around to get work done

All of the above are plain foolishness and stupidity. I use such ‘deep’ words because ants know they need to work to prepare for the future then human beings should. Set yourself goals and aims for each day. Don’t let each day pass you by without acheiving anything. It is always better to be proactive than passive. Liife is not about living passively, it is about living it to the full. Whatever you set your heart to do, do it well and put your mind to it. Discipline is needed for hardwork definitely and maybe its better to solve the problem of laziness from the root than try and pluck out the fruit(laziness) that would still grow if there is no discipline. Discipline is simply delaying immediate gratification. It is always good to have a wide perspective of life. Look at the present and the future at the same time. Say to yourself the next time that thought of sleeping around comes into your head ‘I’d rather have the pain of discipline today than have the pain of regret tomorrow’. Yes discipline is painful, but regret is worse. Place your priorities right.

Now, i’m not trying to say you shouldn’t have fun. The problem with most people these days is balance. 1 Peter 1:8(one of my favoriite verses) says: Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [ in fierce hunger], seeking someone to seize upon and devour.
Its one thing to understand that you need to not be lazy; its another to take it to extremes and not rest. Whatever you do, you must always make sure there is a balance. When you fall the fence you hit the ground, and hit it very violently and fiercely. So the bottomline is make sure you place your priorities right. Work hard, Play hard. Give yourself a break please. Give yourself a treat when you acheive something good(which i do a lot 😛 ).

Its always easy to get hyper-excited when you read things like this and say ‘Oh yes i heard this so from now on i’m doing this and this and that’. What is hard is keeping the fire burning. I think it is necessary for us to make definite commitments and look at them daily to remind ourselves that we don’t need to be lazy. Maybe some notes each day or something. Something you can always refer to, to keep the fire burning all day, all night.

I’ll end on this note: If you make a decision to be hardworking after this then set your mind and keep it set now that you’ll keep on keeping on. If you think this is hard then i think its sooner u realise that nothing comes easy. An easy Life is a myth; Not if you decide to delay whatever gratifications you’re holding on to now and suffer the pain of discipline rather than the pain of regret later on.

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