I failed.

And overcome,

I turned to my corner,

Trying to escape

The burdening guilt

That ate me up.

I curled over,

I tried to hide.

But oh! my mistake–

That awful lie

Wrenched my mind.

I couldn’t hide.

It was only I–

Alone with my guilt

That bit my skin.

I groaned as it tore through me within.


I heard a sigh–

I ducked down further.

A voice said,

“Do not hide.

I know what is in your heart.

I know what you need.

Come, and give your pain to Me.”


As I confessed

To One who knew

All that I would say is true

I felt the guilt was washed away

Leaving instead an empty place

Where soon there flowed my God’s great love,

Reconciling me to my Father above.



by Rachel McGehee


Freely, my God offers forgiveness.  Guilt cannot be escaped on…

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